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eLitmus Preparation material Pdf

  • Monday, February 4, 2013

  • Download the file from Google Docs. 

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    eLitmus Exam Tips From Experts

  • eLitmus has 60qsn..20 each of Quant,DI LR(Problem Solving) nd English..tym is 2 hrs...quant nd di lr are tuf den cat nd eng is easier...

    Quant me yahan formule bhi diye hote hain qstn paper pe..qstns aise hote hain ki apko sochna pdta hai ki kaise krna hai..DI LR- sbse tuf yhi hota hai. Mere paper mein DI ke 5, Data Sufficiency ke 4 nd LR ke 11 the...

    ENG is quite easy 3 passage, 4 qstns each so 12 total nd 8 qstn grammer etc but vocab cat nd other exams ki tarah bahut high standard ki ni hoti....

    Its 600 marks exam 200 for each section..nd 10 marks per qstn......marking is very diferent....if upto 25% qstns u atempted r wrong there is no negative marking nd den onward 50% negative......lyk dis tym (10 april 2011) in quant i did 13 nd 11 were correct so i got 110 (99.5 %ile) in quant..upto 3 wrong ans -ve marking ni honi DI LR,I did 10 all were right so 100 (98.6%ile) nd Eng mein i did 16......10 were right nd 6 wrong.....upto 4 wrong ans, there was no -ive nd for rest 2 wrong they gave -10 so total 90 say 100-10=90 (86.2 %ile) nd total 300 (99.07 %ile)......last tym (april 2010) i atempted 12 in quant.....8 right nd 4 wrong so scored 75 (95.xx %ile) in DI LR atempted 5, all were right so 50 (82.xx %ile) in Eng i did 13 nd 9 were right nd 4 wrong so for 3.33 no -ive nd for 0.66 they gave -3.5 nd so i got 86.5 (81.xx %ile).......hence total 211.5 (94.6 %ile).....

    I hope marking clear ho gayi hogi...abt book DI LR ke liye Arun Sharma CAT wali (TMH) ki LOD 2 nd 3 se practise...Eng pe rc pe focus kiya, CAT ke last year paper se nd words slecton lyk is, was, were, has, have, had, ye kahan use hote hain inpe focus krna...quant mei aap kaisa soch skte ho dats important......formule to given hote hain..u can prepare wid any book for CAT but prepration doesnt make much diference here......qstn paper to nhi milta but mai kuch qsn yad krke apko bta skta hun....Take Care.
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    Tuesday, November 13, 2012


    Job / Internship with PHP knowledge.

  • Tuesday, November 13, 2012

  • What does PHP do?

    It’s easiest to understand with an example.
    Humans have a site called Facebook. Maybe you’re a human yourself (I won’t hold it against you), and have a Facebook account.
     And learning PHP can get a full-time/part-time job or an internship with a good pay check, you can manage your own website or help somebody in maintaining the website which in turn get you some money.

    Why will learning PHP help you?

    Let’s talk about how learning PHP can help you.

    Understand how the Web really works

    You won’t know how the Web works unless you know something about server-side processing. There’ll be a big gap in your knowledge. You won’t know how most of the Web pages you see every day are created.

    Understand business value on the Web

    Much of the business value of the Web depends on the server side. Want to sell products online? Your product data will be in a database. Web pages describing products will be generated by programs written in PHP (or some other language).
    If you set up a Web shop, you probably won’t write your own PHP shopping cart. You’d use one somebody else has written. But if you understand how it all works, you can manage the software more effectively. Which brings us to…

    Install and manage software

    You have thousands of PHP applications to choose from. Many of the most popular Web applications in the world are written in PHP: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and many others.
    If you learn a little PHP, you’ll find it easier to install and manage these applications. The documentation and forum discussions will make more sense to you.



    200 Videos from New boston:

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    Sunday, November 11, 2012


    HP Winter Training & Project Based Industrial Training 2012-13

  • Sunday, November 11, 2012

  • HP Winter Training & PBIT 2012-13
    Train with one of the most reputed name in High End Technical Education – HP Education Services. HP is world’s largest IT solution company and has been in Education business for more than 34 years. HP mentors, guides and encourages students to strive for excellence and has trained more than 10,000 students till date.
    For Winter Training, there are 13 exciting training modules, ranging from IT (Android App design, C, Java, .Net programming, Linux, RDBMS, Networking etc.), Electronics (Robotics, Embedded systems), Mechanical & Civil (Autocad) that a student can choose from and experience world class training delivered by some of the best trainers in the world. The winter training is being delivered at 10 locations – Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Noida, Jaipur, Kanpur, Lucknow, Allahabad, Dehradun, and Agra. Training program duration is 50 Hrs and the fee varies between Rs. 3,900 – Rs. 6,900 depending on the program and location. 
    Project Based Industrial Training(PBIT)/Final Semester Project is being delivered at Bangalore, Noida, Kanpur, and Lucknow and there are 4 training courses (.NET, J2EE, Embedded and Robotics, Networking and Linux) you can choose from.  The training duration would be 4-6 months and fee would vary between Rs. 12,900-Rs. 14,900 depending on training and location.
    Give your career the much needed head start, train with HP today! The batches start from mid-December/January and seats are limited – hurry!
    If interested, please submit the details below and follow the instructions that you receive over email and SMS. If form below does not open for some reason, submit your details on this link

    HP Winter Training & PBIT Inquiry form

    Please fill the details below and you would receive the instructions on next steps over email
    * Required

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    Saturday, August 27, 2011


    Top 22 Important Resume Writing Tips - What really matters Most

  • Saturday, August 27, 2011
  • Some Important Resume Writing Tips

    1. Use Titles or Headings That Match The Jobs You Want.
    2. Use resume designs that grabs attention.
    3. Analyze advertisement for job description and identify the key words.
    4. Use these keywords in your resume.
    5. Identify the employer's hidden needs. Solve these hidden needs in your resume.
    6. Create an image of yourself that matches with the salary you are expecting. For example, language used in a resume for an Rs. 300 an hour position is much different than the language used for a Rs. 800 an hour position.
    7. You can generate many more interviews by tweaking your resume and cover letter so that they address the specific skills each employer requests.
    8. List your technical knowledge first, in an organized way. Your technical strengths must stand out clearly at the beginning of your resume.
    9. List your qualifications in order of relevance, from most to least. Only list your degree and educational qualifications first if they are truly relevant to the job for which you are applying. If you've already done what you want to do in a new job, by all means, list it first, even if it wasn't your most recent job. Abandon any strict adherence to a chronological ordering of your experience.
    10. Quantify your experience wherever possible. Cite numerical figures, such as monetary budgets/funds saved, time periods/efficiency improved, lines of code written/debugged, numbers of machines administered/fixed, etc. which demonstrate progress or accomplishments due directly to your work.
    11. Begin sentences with action verbs. Portray yourself as someone who is active, uses their brain, and gets things done. Stick with the past tense, even for descriptions of currently held positions, to avoid confusion.
    12. Don't sell yourself short. Your experiences are worthy for review by hiring managers. Treat your resume as an advertisement for you.
    13. Keep your resume concise. Avoid lengthy descriptions of whole projects of which you were only a part.
    14. Minimize usage of articles (the, an, a) and never use "I" or other pronouns to identify yourself.
    15. Have a trusted friend review your resume.
    16. Proofread. Your resume should never go with errors, grammatical weaknesses, unusual punctuation, and inconsistent capitalizations.
    17. Sometimes you need to hide your age. If you're over 40 or 50 or 60, remember that you don't have to present your entire work history!
    18. You can simply label THAT part of your resume "Recent Work History" or "Relevant Work History" and then describe only the last 10 or 15 years of your experience.
    19. What if you never had any "real" paid jobs? Give yourself credit, and create an accurate, fair job-title for yourself. For example, A&S Hauling & Cleaning (Self-employed) or Household Repairman, Self-employed.
    20. Best way to impress your employer is, fill your resume with "PAR" statements. PAR stands for Problem-Action-Results; in other words, first you state the problem that existed in your workplace, then you describe what you did about it, and finally you point out the beneficial results.
    21. Don't go far back in your work history. About 10 or 15 years is usually enough - unless your "juiciest" work experience is from farther back.   

    22. How can a student list summer jobs? Students can make their resume look neater by listing seasonal jobs very simply, such as "Spring 2007" or "Summer 2007" rather than 6/07 to 9/07. 
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    Webyog Recruiting Freshers through eLitmus with attracting salary Packages

  • Company: Webyog

    Position: Software Engineer

    Job location: 
    Locations are subject to change.

    Event date: 10 Sep 2011
    Last date: 5 Sep 2011

    Salary Offered: 
    Rs.500000/- to Rs.600000/-
    Experience Required:


    About the company:

    Founded in 2001, we are one of India’s most successful Product Development Companies with no outside funding. We specialize in development of database management tools, data visualization components, search extensions & webapplications that are used by millions of people across 100+ countries.

    We are located in Bangalore, India and Santa Clara, US

    Listed here are some of our customers.


    - BE/BTech/MCA/ME/MTech/MS from 2011 Batch
    - Good pH score

    You Need To have:

    Basic understanding of Computer Science Fundamentals, Sorting and Searching Algorithms, Compiler and Parser development.

    Other than strong concepts, those who love playing and contributing to open source projects will have a edge over others

    During the interview, you can also impress us by talking about the "code" or the "spec document" that you have written/contributed in the past during your engineering projects or during your corporate internships.

    Salary:  Rs 5.0 to 6.0 lakhs based on performance during the recruitment process.

    Check All Details & Apply Online

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  • HCL is hiring freshers from engineering and other graduate degrees from Computer Science  
    Stream .

    Educational Qualification  The candidates must have completed their education in the year 2011 with atleast 65% aggregate marks in Class 10, 12 & Graduation, with Following degrees and subjects in order to fall into the eligibility conditions.

    BE/ Btech / ME/ Mtech :  CS / IT / ECE / EEE / EI
    B.Sc: Comp Sc / IT / Math / Physics / Electronics / Stats
    BCA/ MCA – Computers
    B.Com: CS / IT
    Experience Required: None/ Freshers/ 0 years
    Other Criteria:

     Candidates should have no standing arrears/ backlogs at the time ofregistration
    Candidates should have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
    Student must have passed out in the year 2011.
    2009 and 2010 batch students do not stand eligible for registration.

    Important Links:

     Before appying please go through How to use Action phrases to build a successful resume. 
    Goto  Sample Winning Resume: Download Here!! 

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